To Natalie
I know in your eyes he's still the shining star you go to school and secretly yearn to see but cant you heart snap out of the spell he's casting on you? He's not hurting you. You are. You cant get over him and that's understandable. Have you ever thought, that maybe while you guys were together you might have been blinded by love, lost in the darkness of it to not notice the tiny signs he left, or even the traces of it? Maybe he never liked you at all. If he did, he wouldn't treat you like the way he does now would he. Would he even care if the last letter you left him was filled with what your heart wanted to say? From the way he treated you, I doubt so. You were just another of his properties to mingle with. In time, you would realize that too. You are really a hopeless romantic, Natalie. You have so many other girlfriends in your life that support you. Don't forget them. Forget him. I hope you will realize (in mine, and probably many others' eyes) that he's just an asshole. Puh-lease. He's nothing. Wake up.

2 more years
 2 more years to o levels...
it seemed as if i had my PSLEs yesterday.. 
how time passes

poem 2
 I'm lost
But so are you
None of us
Know what to do

 As you can probably tell, I'M BACK!!!!!!!
Mmmm, I'm ignoring loadsa texts about my trip right now mainly cos i'm just too exhausted from the looooong flight and looooooong drive back home. It's like i can sleep anywhere, anytime. Literally. Anyways the trip was fine, we took taxis and mrts as main transportation to places like my grandmother's house and places we had our meals at. My grandmother is much weaker as compared to when i last saw her but otherwise as polite and smiley as ever. xD It's good to be around happy people. It makes you happy too. I think it's in the thai blood to smile? Suppose i didn't get those genes though. lol. There was one morning i was sitting on a couch in the lounge and saw a thick book seducing me. DON'T LAUGH. Thick books seduce me. Oddly enough. I grabbed it, obviously and started reading it. It had me gripping at almost every page and kept me awake throughout my meal (which is surprising, as i can harly stay awake while having breakfast most mornings). I borrowed it and managed to finish it within that day. IT WAS.. OMIGOSH THE BEST BOOK IVE EVER TOUCHED IN MY ENTIRE 14 YEARS OF LIFE. 
here's the cover

I'll tell you a lil' about it. It goes all the way into the future, where the human race is almots extinct with only a bunch of them alive, hiding on earth from the wanderers and many other creatures that roam about earth. Wanderers take the body of humans. You can tell that they arent humans anymore by the unusual shiny grey eyes and the large long scar from their neck all the way down to their back where their soul was inserted in the body. The story is told by one certain wanderer that took a body of a women, Melanie. Love complications make the plot richer than it already is, with the wanderer meeting up with the only group of human race left on earth. It will totally change your perspective on love and life. It will make you yearn for love and remember the people in your life and everything. It's awesome. Truly. Do pick it up when you're at a bookstore. You won't regret it. I'm SOOO going to get that book. Somehow. It's so addictive! The ending made me tear up (i don't do that often so you can tell it must've been really touching!) even though my brother was laughing in the same room as me at some weird video or something. I didn't want it to end. But of course, it did. x(

I'm getting real tired now and i should probably start replying those texts. See ya soon! Comment if you love the book as much as i do xD

Twilight (movie) saga
 IDEAL TWILIGHT CAST (in my opinion)
Bella Swan- emma watson

edward cullen- william moseley

Charlie swan- remain the same
Alice cullen- annesophia robb

Rosalie Hale- Keira knightley
Jasper Hale- Justin Bierber
Emmett Cullen- Jesse mccartney

Maybe she didn't mean to hurt you.
Maybe in a way you were hurting her too
All those sleepless nights led to nothing
What in the world was she doing
Just waiting for time to heal the things 
closest to her heartstrings
She looks up to the stars for help
But all they are telling her
Is that in time, things would be better
How long must she wait
She's becoming afraid
Maybe it's all a dream

Sep hols
 Soo the september holidays are starting in....... 12 hours and 54 minutes. I won't even call it holidays. 2 weeks after that would be our final exams. Natually, parents would expect their kids to spent the time STUDYING. Okay this picture so represents my time "studying"

Haha cute eh? I'm pretty sure i already posted something on tips for mugging before exams in one of my first few entries. You can refer to that. x) Here are my term 3 results-
eng- A2
hcl- E8
maths- A2
science (phy/chem/bio)- A2
geog- A2
hist- A1
lit- A1
art- A1
home econs- A1

I'm quite satisfied. Except for my chinese. It SO SUCKS. Sometimes i really do try hard but it's just hard, ya know? I studying the words that are tested but the rest of the paper would be the based on OUTSIDE KNOWLEGDE. Frankly, my outside knowledge for chinese is as thin as a sheet of paper. lol. I need to improve on it asap!

Exams aside, I do have a book to recommend you. The angel's game, by carlos ruiz zafon.
I get so lost in its pages and mysteries of Barcelona. I really want to go there somtime. Alone. 

off to study! bye~~

Randon post

 err hi.


nice to meet you

It's a good day today

I like your hair

yeah you.

LOL i don't know what i'm saying. I wanted to post something but while waiting for this page to load i forgot what i wanted to say.
OH I REMEMBERED. So Nich and I are doing this "thing". I come up with the lyrics and he (somehow) makes up the chords (yes he's a pro guitar player WITH A 12-STRINGED GUITAR) to play along. Hopefully. I have yet passed him the lyrics and stuff so let's just hope it turns out okay and everything. 

I met with my primary schoolmates the other day. It was kinda awkward to begin with but we kinda broke the silence and got along. We SWEATED loads while waiting for the teachers, met the teachers for a few seconds and headed off to island creamary as chelsey was complaining about how sweaty she was, blah blah blah. Come on. We were ALL sweating. The 3 + 1 guys, Zirui, Jethro, Gerald and Wei Yang were pretty cool. Gerald was REALLY SHY (clarinetist). Zi rui( flutist/ piccolo-ist) was.. the same? His voice broke a little and he was a lil' shy too. Jethro (percussionist YAYAYAYAYAY) was kinda outgoing and all. Wei yang, the only non-band member in the entire group was pretty quiet. knowing him , it was unusual. lol. Err, i cant think of anything else to say but the weather. It ROCKS. Only if you stay indoors though. It would probably be hell irritating if you're out. Leavin' now!


 hé comment sont tous d'entre vous les gars ?

SO SORRY i havent been updating. I promise i'll update every few weeks AT LEAST, OKAY? err i have no idea how to start. I tried writing an entry a few weeks ago but in the end i was SO tired so i gave up. lol. Anyway, (YAYS) I'm going to jurong east cc with teng fong, his couin and aye to play badminton and swin after that. woah. Havent done this sorta in FOREVA. Mmm looking forward to it. Meeting 2, 3 friends in my primary school next monday too. YAYs cant wait to meet 'em. Havent seen them in ages. Ever since we graduate. Attempted to meet one of 'em but to no avail. Sigh. 

What else... OH i'm in the midst of 186 math questions. on my 131st now x) Okay that was so random but better than nothing, right?
During music period today we presented our music proj (making an mv- have a nice day by stereophonics) to the class with an EMBARRASSING PART OF ME DOING A RANDOM SENSELESS DANCE IN THE BLOOPERS. GOsh i was blushing real madly at that part and all my classmates were in fits of laughter. But none of them (exp those close friends) dared to tease me about it. x)

I guess that's all? copains d'adieu et à la prochaine! xD

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